To become “Membre Ami” and thus offer your support to the Ensemble Fratres, you only need to:
- Fill out the form below, or contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying your name and first name, email address, postal address, and which “Membre Ami” you want to become.
- Pay your annual subscription. You can wait until we contact you with the necessary documents. You can also pay it by bank transfer to IBAN CH92 0900 0000 1525 4651 0 or by credit card by following this link:


Membre Ami Mélèze

Annual subscription from 180 Swiss francs
// 320.- for a couple subscription
In addition to the advantages reserved for the membre ami Épicéa, the Mélèze membership gives free access to the “Amis of Fratres” concert, which takes place every year.

Membre Ami Épicéa

Annual subscription from 50 Swiss francs
// 80.- for a couple subscription
You receive, 4 times a year, the digital Gazette of the Fratres ensemble, which presents his work and his news, as well as thematic articles or videos about music and instruments.

Membre Ami Arolle

Annual subscription from 300 Swiss francs
// 540.- for a couple subscription
In addition to the advantages reserved for the Mélèze membership, the Arolle membership allows a privileged moment with the Ensemble Fratres: a music lesson with a member of the Ensemble, the attending to a rehearsal, a particular visit, or another project to be agreed.

I WISH TO BECOME A membre ami

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