The Fratres Quartet was awarded the 1st prize at the Musica Antiqua International Competition held in Bruges in August of 2006 for its interpretation of Mozart quartets. It was indeed a true recognition for a quartet specializing in the music of the classical and pre-romantic period.

Fratres Quartet is probably the only ensembles interpreting the music of the 20th century particularly that of B. Bartok and D. Schostakovich with gut string-assembled instruments rendered by the instrument maker Luc Breton. This specificity was recognized furthermore when they received the honorable diploma at the International Joseph Joachim Chamber Music Competition in Weimar in 2005.

Equally fascinated by the early music, Fratres Quartet have formed several collaborations with artists such as Bartold Kuijken, Jan de Winne, Vittorio Ghielmi, Michel Kiener hence giving them the opportunity to participate in different festivals. They have performed with ensembles such as Il Gardellino, Amarcordes and Il Suonar Parlante.